Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement

Doreen Begley

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Jeff Acosta
Saint Mary's

2019 Community/Behavioral Health Award Recipient

Kathleen Johnson
Northern Nevada Medical Center

2019 Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Award Recipient

Christine Tillisch
Saint Mary's

2019 Education Award Recipient

Dawn Miller Hanna
Saint Mary's

2019 Critical Care Award Recipient

Jesica Ford
Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

2019 Administrative Leadership Award Recipient

Kindal Andrews
Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

2019 Advanced Practice Award Recipient

Kathleen Zaski
Renown Medical Medical Center

2019 Innovation & Nursing Informatics Award Recipient

Amy Thompson
Saint Mary's

2019 Office/Outpatient Award Recipient

David Bunker
Northern Nevada Medical Center

2019 Emergency Nursing Award Recipient

Carmina Boone
Saint Mary's

2019 Maternal/Child Award Recipient

Aris Onas
Renown Regional Medical Center

2019 Clinical Leadership Award Recipient

2020 Awards Timeline

January 1 through noon on January 31, 2020:

Public nominations accepted for nurses in 15 categories

February 19 through noon on March 12, 2020:

Nurses accept nominations & submit essays

May 8 through noon on May 12, 2020:

Final nominations scored by panel of judges

July 1 through noon on August 17, 2020:

Event tickets available for purchase
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July 15 through August 27, 2020:

Register for Silent Auction online bidding

August 28, 2020:

Award winners announced at events dinner
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Who We Are

Recognizing the need to shine a spotlight on a profession founded over 150 years ago by nurse Florence Nightingale, the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement Committee was formed in 1999. The goal of this committee of dedicated nurses was to honor their colleagues and to increase awareness of nursing as a profession.

The mission of the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement Committee is to continue to honor nursing and the profession of nursing by recognizing outstanding individuals within, and to encourage the ongoing growth of nursing by supporting future nurses via scholarships and recognition of their efforts.

Achievement Awards

In comparison to the magnitude of today's Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement celebration, the first Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement ceremony was quite small, with approximately 100 attendees celebrating three nurse honorees. Since its inception the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement celebration has grown tremendously. It has become a coveted award of nursing excellence in Northern Nevada. Since the first ceremony in 1999, Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement has honored hundreds of nurses, promoting nurses and their contribution to healthcare. Refer to the 2020 Awards and Previous Recipients pages for more information.


In promoting the profession of nursing, the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement Committee has raised money to support nursing scholarships across Northern Nevada. The Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement Committee has, in fact, awarded over $220,000 in nursing scholarships. Refer to our scholarships page for more information.