2019 Awards Process

2019 Awards Timeline

January 1 through noon on January 31, 2019:

Public nominations accepted for nurses in 14 categories

February 18 through noon on March 11, 2019:

Nurses accept nominations & submit essays

March 18 through noon on April 8, 2019:

Final nominations scored by panel of judges

April 1 through noon on April 30, 2019:

Event tickets available for purchase

April 15 through May 10, 2019:

Pre-register for online bidding for silent auction items

May 10, 2019:

Award winners announced at events dinner

Award Categories

Categories for LPNs and RNs

(must have at least 2 years of experience)

Administrative Leadership

This category is reserved for any nurse who has been a catalyst for positive change within a healthcare facility or within the community.

Advanced Practice

This category is reserved for RNs licensed as either nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists.

Clinical Leadership

This category is reserved for any nurse who in a leadership position integrates care for a distinct group of patients and may actively provide direct patient care.

Community/Behavioral Health

Community health nursing is an umbrella term used for all nurses who work in the community, in any of the following settings: public health, community health, county health departments, home health, schools, employee health departments, clinics, occupational health, hospice, work sites, etc. Behavioral health recognizes nurses working in the mental health arena.

Critical Care

This category is reserved for any nurse who works in an intensive acute care setting such the ICU, CCU, PICU, PACU, NICU, Flight Nursing, etc.


This category is reserved for nurses whose primary focus is student, staff, or patient education. This setting may be within academia or within a healthcare facility.

Emergency Nursing

This category is reserved for any nurse who works within an emergency nursing setting.

Innovation/Nursing Informatics

This category recognizes any nurse who has completed an extraordinary project to improve patient care or healthcare delivery in any healthcare setting or works in nursing informatics.

Lifetime Achievement

Established in 2002, this category is reserved for nurses who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in nursing for 25 years or more, with at least 10 of the years being in Northern Nevada. Eligible nurses must also demonstrate significant contributions to nursing in Northern Nevada. Retired nurses are eligible for nomination. Posthumous nominations in this category will not be considered. (We do accept submissions for posthumous recognition separate from these award categories; see below.)


This category is reserved for any nurse working in maternal/child health.


This category is reserved for any nurse who works in an acute care setting.


This category is reserved for nurses who work in physician offices, clinics, and/or urgent care settings.

Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation

This category is reserved for nurses who work in skilled nursing care or rehabilitation settings.

Other Categories

Rookie of the Year

This category is reserved for LPNs and RNs with less than 2 years experience in any nursing field. Original licensure must be dated between January 31, 2017, and January 31, 2019.

Posthumous Recognition

Although NOA does not accept posthumous nominations in its award categories, if you know of a nurse who has passed away in the last year and would like that person acknowledged at the awards event, please submit a brief paragraph of no more than 200 words describing that nurse's career and where he or she worked, along with a photo if possible. Please include your name and e-mail should we need to contact you, and send the information to Shelby Hunt at Shelby.Hunt@NursesOfAchievement.com.